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Wilmar Area River Fishing Report.

January 24, 2002

After drilling alot of holes on my so called summer and fall hot spots I finally connected last saturday. The walleyes were in 35 to 45 feet just off of my so called spots on a spot. Shiner minnows were definately what they wanted, hooked lightly thru the dorsal fin. I caught 4 fish that were all 15 inches long.

According to my sources the two hotest places on Green continue to be off of Hultgrens Bar and East of Morgandale on the south side. With this warm weather the ice holes are not freezing very much making finding the fish a whole lot easier. Use your fishfinder and do not fish dead water unless you are relatively certain of exactly where you are fishing.

Another thing to remember is that if you are getting alot of funny readings on your fishfinder, they very well might be tullibees. My neighbor has done quite well the past two weeks. I credit my success to his helpful tips. Has not this been a crazy winter?? Keep on the roads and you should be fine. Oh, how I wish I had an underwater camera!! Maybe Santa will put one under the tree next year.

The Little Crow Angler

Big Kandi ~ 29" Caught and released on Saturday morning!! I was by myself so after measuring her, I layed her on the carpet through my snowmobile chopper
next to her and took 3 pictures and down the hole she went!

Awesome looking fish!! That made my heart pound!! What a great day!! 11.5' of water. Glow hook with fat head, about 1/4am to 7 am. Lot's on nice eaters to be had! Also caught the biggest yellow bellied perch I've seen on Kandi
Sunday afternoon.

January 16, 2002

I talked to a guy at the access on Norway yesterday afternoon. He was just going out---- told me he was getting a few sunnies and crappies. I don't think the action is real fast though.

If you wanted to put some time in and check around you could find some "eye's" on Kandi.!!

If you don't mind a little walk Calhoun is putting out sunnys and crappies out in the middle they are pickers but they are fun!!!

If you know Diamond lake well and stay away from the crowds you can catch a few eyes. Alot of people have been clearing out the last couple of days. Thank god!

They have been biting very late the last few days. After dark. Alot of people have been leaving before they even start biting!!! The water is the clearest I have ever seen it and the fish are real spooky, so keep a low profile.

The bite has shifted a little from the jig to the bobber too. Almost catching more fish on the bobber than on a variety of jigs I have been using.

by Blackjack
January 8, 2002

I finally joined the throng on Norway this weekend. I know it has been getting pounded for at least 2 weeks now. Actually didn't do to bad, must of caught 12 or so crappies and probably about the same # of sunnies on Saturday. Only kept 6 crappies for supper and put the rest back. some very nice sized crappies though.

A couple were close to a pound I would guess.(not all were that size but most still respectable.) jeez there was people out there. ice depth seemed to vary--about 12" on Saturday and Sunday I fished about 50' away and there was only 8-9".

Went to Norway on Sunday got 2 walleyes.Not worth bragging about.I seen a super duty 1ton crew drive out about 30 feet from our house. Man talk about nerve racking.

Guess I should have went to Norway! I went over to Games (to avoid the crowds) and we got skunked! Went back to Games on Sunday morning and got
two crappies. Disappointing.


January 8, 2002

After a day of drilling and trying a variety of holes near the rock pile
in the middle of the lake, The results were perch-perch- perch. No
crappies or walleyes yet. It was alot of work for much of nothing. Good

The Little Crow Angler

Lake Master Color Contour Lake Maps (small) for:
Big Kandiyohi & Washington (Meeker Cty)

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