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The Ice Buster Bobber was designed for the frustrated slip bobber fisherman.

Ice Buster BobbersIt works great for summer fishing but is the only bobber specifically designed for Ice Fishing. It eliminates all the hassles previously encountered while ice fishing.

The Ice Buster will not freeze to your line because where the bobber attaches to the line it's below the surface of the water. On the bottom red plastic piece there is a 1/4" long slotted hole. It is designed to eliminate the plastic bead on your line which freezes and also slows your line dropping. This allows your lure and line to zip down to the strike zone quicker than ever before.

Max Mosher with nice Red Lake crappie using Ice Buster Bobber Now all you need attached to your line is a bobber stop or string stop knot again, no plastic bead. You can also instantly snap the bobber on and off your line.

Another great feature is the body of the bobber. It consists of pencil shaped soft foam that will not break when stepped on or bent. This is the only bobber designed to be trimmed down with knife or scissor. This creates a perfect match with the lure and bait weight to make it virtually undetectable to the fish!

Ice Buster with Light Sticks for night fishing You can also poke a starter hole in the top of the bobber with a round toothpick, snap and shake a 3-mm light stick, insert into the top of the bobber for approximately 10 hours of night fishing! To Order 10 Light sticks click here.

Simply put, this is a very easy, hassle free bobber that a 2 year old to a Grandpa can use.

You have two different sizes to choose from,
3 " bobbers and 5" bobbers.

The 3 bobber will hold up to a 1/16 oz. jig. Use this for Crappies, Perch, Sunfish, Trout, Tullibees, and other Panfish.

The 5 bobber will easily hold a 1/4 oz. jig. Use it to finesse Walleyes, Bass, Northerns, Lake Trout, and other large gamefish.

Note: You can trim the bobber to balance your rigging for finesse fishing. Another benefit of trimming the bobber is the spare foam piece. Save these pieces and thread onto the shaft of your plain hook to make a floater rig. This works great pulled behind the Foam Walker and will keep your bait off the bottom.

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